Tuesday, December 31, 2013

15 minutes to go 2014!

Whoa. 2013 just awesome. Will ended in 15 minutes..the clock will shows '4' at the end of it. So welcoming a new year, new challenges!


  1. Being closer to God
  2. Fall in love (important!)
  3. Graduation! (Hooray!)
  4. Be better..
  5. a new me..
  6. better anger management
  7. Korea!!!
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO~ I want to be me. Just me. No copy and paste..reveal the real me. Conquer the world. my world. I want to find him~hahaha..

Monday, December 30, 2013

Parasitism and Mutualism

Studying virology is quite interesting! an something just pop-out..someone asking for help.

Suddenly, flashing back all those thing..lol, person who once I asked for help just now asking for help..should I? I'm grateful, I'm not her..I did help.. Thank you for being nice FLO~

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rough Year:: 2013! Ended~

A lot of things just happen in front of me. Feeling sad, but somehow interesting year.
I had my license, my final year project, indecisive intern's places and I did show the true me.
They said you will know your true friend when you face difficult time..I did!
I won't judge, just went insane for the time being~
God Bless me for being US~
Thank You for those said 'NO' to me. I just did it with my own..my own will, my own way!

God Bless Her. I'm a good friend to her, I know what she capable of. she can do it a lot better than me but I'm wondered why she acting like she own this world's problems all the time. Girl, just grown up! You don't know how cruel world is. Be curious, learn from people and not force people to learn those hardship for your sake. I bet you don't know what people think about you (if you know, maybe you ignored it) and you know what, its kind of sad I have to hear it for you.

::cc now I know what is the meaning of friend of benefits..

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Prayer

The Prayer
The almighty God, I have been through all days with a hardships, joy, sadness, happiness.
Thank You for the strength that You given to me. I did my best to not cry over it. But I can't do it.
My tears accompany me along the nights..but Thank You once again, You give such a great courage to move on.
Father in heaven, bless all the peoples that passed my life's story. They are good..They bad..but Thank You for the great lessons.
I have been climb a highest peak for this year.. I lost everything..I lost it because of my mistakes.
I'm sorry father, Jesus. year 2013 will coming soon. My exams is nearer now..I hope I'm not lose my faith. I can do it.
I can do it. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
9:24 PM 12/27/2012

Pelangi sehabis hujan ^^

"Pelangi Sehabis Hujan" by Nikita
(lagu rohani kristian)

Apa itu pelangi? Pelangi adalah ciptaan Tuhan yang indah
Apa itu hujan? Hujan ialah rahmat Tuhan dalam hidup kita..dimana yang akan
membasahi bumi di saat mentari mengeringkan bumi

Menurut lagu ini..akan ada pelangi disetiap berlalunya hujan.
Jangan pernah menyerah...biarlah hujan..jangan mengeluh..ada rahmat yang indah.
AMEN untuk rencana Tuhan.

# Belajar sambil dengar lagu rohani..dpt kc kuat otak yg sedia lemah and kc tumbuh iman ^^
Syukur dan Puji Tuhan.
1:09 AM 12/28/2012

Maafkanlah Cinta

(ini sebenarnya tajuk lagu c MAR..Vokal Bukan Sekadar Rupa)

Tiada Persefahaman----> Cinta dipersalahkan
gaduh ckit-----> cinta juga
Break---> cinta punya salah juga

aduiii kasian si "cinta" kna kc salah..hahaha
Tiada yang salah..cinta itu indah..sebab cinta (tapi sa suka lg guna kasih)
akan tetap jadi cinta..tidak jadi dendam..hehe.
jadi kasihilah sesama..Amen.

12:04 PM 12/28/2012